Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Christmas Gift

Hello Friends.  Well as you may have noticed I have not been posting much since early summer. My mother has been hospitalized since June 2010 & started Hospice Oct 02 2010. Finally after long hard struggle she passed to a better place Friday Dec 17 2010.  She was so weak & sick the last 2 months that she was almost unrecognizable. It was so hard for her & her family... I am grateful that it is over. My heart would drop every time I walked into her room & I would be fearful of just how much she was aware of.  Tomorrow is her funeral & days after that will be Christmas. My husband said something so wonderful to me... He said he felt that this was Mom's Christmas present to us... It has been heart wrenching  &  long .... so this was her gift to her family... peace.
Please hug those close to you... take time to think of those who are struggling with similar issues during the holidays & say a prayer for our seniors. May they have dignity in their final stages of life.
This photo of my mom is how I will remember her! It was taken only a few weeks before she fell ill. It was Mothers Day & we were celebrating with a wonderful brunch. She is 88 years young in the photo!
Thanks again Friends! I will be back in full swing after the first of the year.
Big hugs!
Lynn :)


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