Saturday, January 24, 2009

Erase Away!

I want to share with you 2 types of erasers that are a must have for every paper crafter! The first is an artists kneaded eraser. It can be softened by "kneading" to any shape or size. it has somewhat of a Silly Putty texture... mine usually ends up in a ball shape! It is used for lifting off pencil marks and residue. It does not destroy the paper or card stock & leaves no eraser mark behind. Just lightly touch over the area! It can be found in the art department usually with the charcoal & sketching pencils. I love this eraser!

The second is eraser is an adhesive eraser. This eraser does exactly what it says... erases adhesive. I know many time I have went to far with the tape runner, or my Tombow glue has pooled from behind the flourishes I am always putting on my layouts. Just gently erase the adhesive tape, or the dried liquid glue with this & it removes the glue like magic!! It will not tear the paper when done with a light touch, although I have really rubbed it and still had good results! I have even been able to remove adhesive from a photo without damage.Both of these erasers can be found for under 2.00 each! It has saved many a layout for me!

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jacque4u2c said...

Thanks so much for the tips.... I can;t wait to find the first one. I am always needing to erase pencil marks. Thanks so much! Also, thanks for all the nice comments you leave on my blog. You are so sweet!

Sheri said...

Cool Lynn! Thanks for the info, I actually bought an adhesive eraser and forgot about it. At least I know how to use it now! LOL

Mireille said...

thanks for this usefull info. I had NO idea this even existed!

Vicki said...

TFS this info, Lynn! Love your blog. I have linked it to mine and have something there for you to collect!

Toni said...

Hey lynn, thanks so much!!! great blog, I need 2 add a background, soon as I figure it out!!!


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