Thursday, January 29, 2009

My New Fav #2 "ENELOOPS"

I really must share these with you! They are the BEST rechargeable batteries EVER!! Many of us have point & click cameras that suck the energy out of batteries at lightning speed, and always are low at the wrong time. Before my vacation in Oct I did a huge amount of research on rechargeables & hands down these are the best!! They are made by Sanyo & come in all types (AAA, AA, C etc). They are not your normal rechargeables...but a step above.I have never seen these in the store, however they are available online. I am head over heals about these batteries! I am going to provide you a link to for them, primarily because it has so many reviews & you can see others feel the same way I do. Out of 534 reviews , 433 gave them the highest 5 star rating. Also you can see the wide variety of combo packs that are available. Mine came with a travel charger & love it. I know that these are available overseas, as a friend of mine recently purchased them in Germany. Check the link out! be sure to scroll down to read all the great tech info available on the site! You will love em! Plus they are great for your Wii :D
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